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[Update] On Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 2:08pm, Detective Dale Koons passed away in his home in the presence of family and friends. He was a great example of what a father, husband, and professional man should be and will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Many thanks to his friends for their continual prayers and thoughts during his illness. Communications may still be sent to his family at dkoons4174@comcast.net. We, his family, will keep this site up in his memory. Further information can be found at the Anderson Herald-Bulletin website after June 16, 2008.

To my friends,
Three weeks ago, I landed in the hospital seriously ill. After a week of being subjected to wide ranging examinations, it was determined I have small cell lung cancer. Since then, I have been receiving aggressive chemo treatments. More importantly, I am receiving prayers from friends world-wide and there is where this battle will be won. With God's help, I am determined to gain victory over this and return to the career I love. Please, do not hesitate to seek answers to your important questions. I intend to continue consulting on these matters. Thank you for all your support over the years. ... dKoons (October 13, 2006)

Interviewers who begin with no assumptions about what may have happened and consider alternative explanations for children's reports of events are less likely to improperly influence or misinterpret children's reports.

     Crime against families and individuals devastates our future.  Crime's impact on children is cruel, irreversible. Family violence--physical, psychological, sexual--must be combated, and combated more effectively.   Thorough investigation must be balanced with sensitivity to crime victim's needs.

     Over my twenty-five years of experience, I found investigation of crimes more and more complex and frustrating. The growing number of false allegations of child abuse increases the confusion.   Finding credible evidence that will stand in front of a jury and lead to conviction proves to be a challenge.  Juries consist of members of the community; their beliefs and attitudes undergo change as society changes.   Evidence that once was regarded as clear cut proof now brings skepticism in juries' minds.   Deciding to bring a case to prosecution involves the decision to expose the victim to the possibility that their story will not be believed, leading to another trauma in their life.

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Site Index for Investigators

     General police training does not prepare an officer for these difficult cases. New and experienced investigators alike must continue to learn more about abuse. This index is an important resource for you. .. dKoons

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Sharing My Experience

"To know the nature of the beast study his actions, not his words"...dKoons

The following links are intended to better equip you.   Invaluable information will be discovered in conservative and liberal sites.   Apply your own common sense and experience when evaluating all information.

Investigator's Notebook

"interviewers wishing to elicit accurate reports, especially from young children, should encourage children to spontaneously and freely report information by establishing rapport, allowing sufficient time for response, and refraining from interruptions or premature use of specific questions."Warren and McGough (1996)
     Investigating sexual crimes against children requires more than desire and the ability to talk with children. Forensic interviewing techniques must be learned, developed and relied upon in every investigation.

     Forensic interviewing establishes a child centered, truth seeking atmosphere. The interview is structured to determine the truth rather than create evidence. The child is permitted and encouraged to relate an event or series of events in a non-judgmental setting. The child is allowed to expand upon his or her interpretation of events without the interviewer placing suggestions in that child's mind. The pertinent information gained through a forensic interview will enable the interviewer to make a legally competent judgment regarding the allegations. This truth seeking focus results in better outcomes for the child, family, and legal system in these critical situations.
     These web pages, links and recommended readings offer only a sampling of available information for equipping an investigator. ... dKoons

Indiana Criminal Law

Indiana law requires that any person who knows, or has reason to believe, that a child has been abused must report it to the local Child Protective Service. Remember, "reason to believe" means that you have received information of abuse. It does not mean that you are certain that abuse has occurred or have proof of abuse.

Case Law


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Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Information Links

     Don't assume to know the nature of a molester or predator based on one investigation, one victim interview, one conviction, or one evaluation of a molester. A glimpse is not the entire picture. Availability and vulnerability, more than preference will determine who will be victimized. Have you ever entered an ice cream store craving a particular flavor only to find it sold out? Did you walk out of the store without buying anything? No, you substituted. So it is with molesters and predators. ...dKoons

News Media Coverage of Abuse & Related Issues

Internet Safety for You and Your Children

     Cyber-predators are out there, and they’re not just after our children. They seek out anyone who is vulnerable. Some have created web sites for victims; their purpose is to seduce, exploit and stalk persons already suffering from past abuse. Others lurk in chat rooms of legitimate and illegitimate sites for the same purpose. Posing as victims, interchanging their character as male or as female, they create detailed postings. They create sexualized, fictional accounts of their own sexual abuse, encouraging real victims to share intimate details of abuse. Exploiting these victim’s accounts, they seek out “the child within” while enjoying their secret fantasies as the abuser. Ultimately they reveal themselves to their victims, shattering again an abused child. The more dangerous of these predators stalk their victims through cyberspace and, sometimes, into real life.

Be careful out there,

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DISCLAIMER:  This information is NOT intended to replace professional counseling or legal services; but rather, to serve as encouragement for seeking those services.

If your child (or a child you know) has been abused, or is at-risk of being abused, report it to the appropriate authorities and seek professional counseling.

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