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If your name is Flemmer, you have a home. email me and I'll put your name and email address on this page. Join the growing Flemmer cyber-army. Today the Web, tomorrow the world! No bloody Flemings, Fleeners, or any other corruptions of the pure form of the name need apply. I only accept Flemmers. F-L-E-M-M-E-R.

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Terry Herbert's nice site:

This is from Steve Herbert concerning Russell's skull-and-crossbones question: "I'm attaching a computer rendering of the Flemmer seal that was on several signet rings in the family here- interesting not so? We are working on the interpretation which is lost in the mists of time- but no pirates (or Vikings I'm afraid)." Here's a thumbnail of it. Click on it for the full-size version.

Steve adds this: "And an early warning signal to all Flemmers. The 150th anniversary of the Flemmers arrival in South Africa on 1st February 1853 will be held at Easter next year. We had 100 of the tribe there last time (2001) scary stuff!"

And don't miss dissent from a Flemmer wannabe...
You weasels.... take a perfectly good German name like Flammer and misspell it... and then try to pretend that it was Flemmer all along! Anyway, there must be millions of Flemmers and, since Flammers just aren't breeding like we used to, we've decided that it is OK to have you back; there is strength in numbers, after all.
Seriously, I enjoyed your website. Thanks.
George Flammer
Heck, we might be related....

See? They're out there. Seriously, thanks to George for a great email and sense of humor.

Anyone ever seen Being John Malkovich? It's been out for a while, but I just saw (some of) it. Anyway, most of it takes places in the (ficticious) Mertin-Flemmer Building in Manhattan. There's a short history... "He would call this building the Mertin-Flemmer Building, after himself and someone else, who, local legend has it, was named Flemmer." It turns out Flemmer is a character in the movie. I didn't see the whole thing, and don't want to ruin it anyway but check it out if you want.

Also, I heard from Steve Herbert: It's me again! We have now completed a history of the Flemmer 'roots' for those Danish Flemmers who came to South Africa. It covers the period from 1703-1870. Anyone interested can email me for a text copy. I was interested to see the comment about the origin of the name. According to the Department dealing with name research at Copenhagen University the name Flemmer almost certainly has the same meaning as Flemming (sorry about that!) that is a Flemish person, someone from Flanders. At the last Danish census there were 24 Flemmers listed in Denmark.
Email Steve at for a copy of his work.

Received an interesting e-mail:
I am not a Flemmer but I have a question. My father was taken out of school in Springfield NJ in 1931 or 1932 to participate in a 2 year program he says was called Flemmer-anics. It was an accelerated academic program and he went to school in someone's home. Do you or any other Flemmers know anything about this?

If anyone has a clue (I sure don't) reply to Barbara Reid at Whew, those AOL addresses are getting as complicated as those old CompuServe monstrosities. Copy me on any responses and I'll post it here to satisfy the curious.

If you have news, stories, history, or anything concerning the proud Flemmer tradition, let me know! I'll post it here for all to see. When I find some time, I'll post what I have.

In general, the name seems to have originated in Germany. Apparently there are still several there because about half the Internet search hits are from Germany. In the States, the main concentration is in North Dakota. In fact, I was born in Bismarck. There would also appear to be several in Canada, mainly the western provinces.

Many migrated to Glueckstal, an area around Odessa in modern-day Ukraine. There are several references to Flemmers from this region. You may also be interested in The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. They have dozens of links and services. The Mormon church's family records database is online at

Several years ago I meant a man named Horst Flemmer. He was German, but living in Kew Gardens, New York. He was planning on writing a book about the family, but I never heard back from him. Horst, if you're out there, contact me! Anyway, he thought the name originated from the German word flamen, which means flame and could refer to the practice of burning land to clear it for farming.

Here are a few items of interest I found searching the Web. If you find anything let me know.

Peek in on Mr. Flemmer's class.

Hank owns Flemco Equipment Ltd. and Flemmer and Associates, Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Sherri figures prominently in a story about finding her mother.

Here are some people who have sent comments.

Chris Hubner. My mother's maiden name is Flemmer and there is quite a few living in Lodi California. My grandfather, Adolph Flemmer lives in Idaho. Most of the Flemmers come from the North Dakota area, but since Adolph was an evangelist, they moved often before settling in Lodi. There is Lowell, Launa, Loren, Leon, Les and Lori Flemmer that were Adolph's children.

Kenneth Flemmer. Unfortunately, I lost his original message, but recently heard back from him:
I was living in Singapore and have just moved back and now live near Washington, DC. I will still be doing relief and development work. I have this email address as well as the one on compuserve ( I sure would love to get more details on some of the familes who have asked to see if I can find out where they plug into my family tree.

Keith Flemmer. Hi I'm from the Flemmer colony down in South Africa. We came out in +- 1850 from Denmark (Marius Toger Flemmer) and I wonder if you could you could tell me where we originated from and how big our clan is. I'm 23 years old and studying at the University of Cape Town doing a CA (chartered accountantcy). I realise that we are a rare and refined breed, but I wonder if there are any out there my age.

Jacob and Nathan Flemmer. I would like to know something about Flemmer history. I know that it's a German name, and my family immigrated from the Ukraine in the late 1800's. They settled in western North Dakota because it looked a lot like the Ukraine. They were farmers. Specifically, I would like to know what "Flemmer" means. I would like to know what kind of people I am descended from. What was their social status throughout history?

Eugen Flemmer. My name is Eugen Flemmer, I'm living in Germany, I'm 16 and live with my family.

Henrik Flemmer (whose e-mail came in as "henrikf@ankaret" ???). My name is Henrik Flemmer and I saw this page just a minute ago so I thought I have to write. I am Swedish and 25 years old. My grandfather took the name Flemmer in the year 1946. So thats the story.

Pablo Andrés Flemmer. Mi nombre es Pablo Andrés Flemmer, nacido en Bahía Blanca el 17-04-1973, vivo en Neuquen, ARGENTINA, mi direccion en la red es E-mail, soy descendiente de Guillermo Tomas Flemmer, mi padre, nacido en Goyena - Argentina el 23-02-1948, Guillermo Flemmer, mi abuelo nacido en Duisburg-Alemania, el 06-11-1910 y Wilhelm Flemmer, mi bisabuelo hacido en Duisburg-Alemania, el 25 de marzo de 1870. Quisiera saber si hay mas antecedentes de ancestros y donde estan.

My Spanish isn't too good, but that roughly translates to:
My name is Pablo Andrés Flemmer, born in Bahía Blanco (White Bay) April 17, 1973. I live in Neugen, Argentina. My e-mail address is (although it came in as I am a descendant of Guillermo Tomas (William Thomas) Flemmer my father, was born in Goyena, Argentina Feb, 23 1948. Guillermo, my grandfather was born in Duisburg, Germany on November 6, 1910 and Wilhelm, my great-grandfather (left?) Duisburg, Germany March 25, 1870. I would like to know if there are more ancestors and where they are.

Hey, they're rolling in. I got these three within a week:

Kelli J. Hudson. My ex-husband and my children are Flemmers. My ex-inlaws reside in Beulah North Dakota and still speak German in the home. My ex-husbands name is Shawn Flemmer, his father is Arley Flemmer, and his fathers name was Samuel Flemmer. They are all only sons, but I would like to get information on this name for my children. Thank you for you assistance. Ex-husband's e-mail address is:

Stanley Flemmer. My name is Stanley Flemmer. My father was Gottlieb Flemmer, Mother is Emma (Redinger) Flemmer. They were from Napoleon and Tappen, ND. My Grandfather was Philipp Flemmer, Grandmother was Katharina (Flemmer) Flemmer from Gluckstal, South Russia. I would like to know more about the Flemmers. My grandfather was a shoemaker. My father was a wrangler, farmer.

Melinda Flemmer. Hi my name is Melinda Flemmer. I married Vernon William Flemmer whose father Vernon Bill Flemmer came from North Dakota. His father was Bill Flemmer. We live in Apple Valley, CA. I came upon this sight by chance. I know alot more Flemmers if you're interested. There is Vicki, Steve, Drew, Brian, Gary, Roger, John, Hayley, etc. Let me know if there is any info I can give you and I will let the family know about your web page. BYE!

Another Bill! How cool is that? The only ones I've ever heard of were me, my father and grandfather.

Vicki. My name is Vicki and I am originally from Sacramento, California (I now live in Cincinnati). My father, Merle, is from and still living in Sacramento. His father, George, was from South Dakota, and came to California in the late 20s or early 30s. My father's cousin, Albert Flemmer, lives in Seattle, WA. I understand that there are at least 3 other Flemmers in the Sacramento area, however do not know them personally. Some do live in Lodi as well. Many people emigrated from Germany to the Odessa area in 1793. Katherine the Great wanted people who actually knew how to work the land, so asked that people from Germany emigrate to Russia. The German population was so large at one time in the Ukraine area that they were given their own autonomic republic (which lasted only til WW2). I believe there are now around 2 million people with German ancestory living in the former Soviet republics. I was told that my family ties moved out of Odessa to the Dakotas because of rising anti-German sentiments. And my grandfather always told me that the last name was spelled Flamner *with an umlaut over the a* (Flämner) but when the people at Ellis Island couldn't spell it, it was changed to Flemmer. When my father and I were recently driving across country to move me to Cincinnati, we heard Roger over the radio in Omaha, when he did the Farm forecasts.

Joan Merritt. Dear Flemmer Home Page Keeper! I am new to genealogy and was running into deadends searching all these sites for Flemmers. Then I found your page last night and was delighted! There really ARE some Flemmers! I have lots of information for you! My grandmother was a Flemmer from Odense DK and after she died, we discovered many pages of family history notes. No one did anything with them for years since they were all in Danish and now that I've become interested in searching Flemmer history, I am having them translated at the Danish Immigrant Museum. I have many names and dates, however, and can decipher some of the locations and occupations. (Some were teachers and priests!) Here is what I have. There are a bunch of us! As far as I know from these notes, most of these people lived in Denmark - a few immigrated. I have spouse names on some and some of the children I did not include here. My line came through Leila who immigrated to California in 1910. I hope this helps some who are searching for their Flemmer ancestors and I am happy to share the family history notes as soon as they are translated. They should provide more details for us. I found a Keith Flemmer on your homepage and noticed that he was searching for a Marius Toger Flemmer so I sent him what I had. So glad you are doing this! Let me hear from you!

Gail (Flemmer) Buchmann. HI, my name is Gail (Flemmer) Buchmann (born 1964). I am one of the 6 children born to Gerald flemmer (1930), who is one of the 5 children of Christian Flemmer (born 1899 in Gluckstal and sailed to America at a year old) and Stella Puetz. Christian Flemmer was the son of Philip Flemmer (born 1876 in Gluckstal) who married Amailia Wagner. Philip was one of the many children of Johannes Flemmer (Jan 24, 1835 in Gluckstal to july 10 1883) and Philippina Muller. Johannes Flemmer was one of the 8 children born to Johann Philipp Flemmer (born Sept 15 1817 in Gluckstal) and his wife, Eva (Flemmer) Landenberger. Johann Philipp was one of 6 children born to Johannes Martin Flemmer (born 1780 in Buchenburg ) and Catharine Flemmer. Johannes Martin Flemmer was one of 10 children of Hans Berhard Flemmer (1734) and his second wife Agnes Ruoff (6 of Johannes Martin Flemmer's siblings died between one month and 11 months old). Hans Bernhard Flemmer (1734) was the son of Hans Bernhard Flemmer (born 1703 in Mossingen) and his wife Agnes Speidel. Hans Bernahrd the 1st moved to Poland when he was 80 yrs old. Hans Bernhard Flemmer was one of 2 children born to Hans Flemmer (1679 in Mossingen) and his wife Anna Kunckelin-Flemmer. However he turned out to be an only child as his sibling, Margaretha, died at a month old. Hans Flemmer was one of 6 children born to Berhard Flemmer (born 1609) and Maria Eymann. 4 of his brothers died while still infants, two of which he was named after. Bernhard Flemmer (1578 in Mossingen) was one of 8 children of Bernhard Flemmer (a mayor in Mossingen) and Anna Flemmer. He was descended from Peter Flemmer (1558) and Agnes Ehen. Lastly, Peter Flemmer was born in 1558, the only child of Hannss Flemmer and his wife (unknown). Whew!!!!! I have a Flemmer geneology book written about the Flemmers by Dennis D. Seher. His wife is a Flemmer and he researched the family lines for 8 years before compiling the book. He used the St. Petersburg records to find the earliest info on Flemmers to be that of Hannss Flemmer - 1530. Most of the family lines trace back to Gluckstal (Odessa) Russia. He has listed over 3000 names in one family line. He tells of a minor spelling change occuring from the original listing as "flammer" in Germany, to "flemmer" in Russia. The main influx of Germans to Russia occured when Catherine II of Russia (originally of German descent) invited all foreigners to settle in Russia.

Gail also gave her father's web site address.

Fay Lea. My mother was Phyllis Elaine Flemmer born in South Africa. I am researching the Flemmer's from Denmark. would love to be in touch. Regards Fay Lea.

And later from Fay came this...

While researching our Flemmer's in South Africa, (we are all related here!) came across one that is not 'ours' Horst-Dieter Flemmer is from Oberhousen Germany and came to live in South Africa in 1955 at the age of 22 so his birthday would be in 1933. He came to work on the Railways in Kroonstad. Thought I would just register him on the home page - to see if anyone was looking for him. Gleaned this info from the immigration papers. Kind regards Fay Lea South African Flemmer's ex Denmark.

She recently set up a web page for the South African connection to the Flemmers.

Steve Herbert. My name is Steve Herbert and my mother was Kathleen Flemmer. We are South Africans and I am related to Keith Flemmer who is on your home page and also more distantly to Joan Flemmer, who is also there! I have been researching for a few years and it seems our branch, who were Danes lived in the Odense Denmark area for several centuries. There are records of Flemmers living near Odense in 1460, although I have not yet made the connection with our family which I have traced back to 1703 in Odense. My own ancestor, Christian August Flemmer a doctor arrived in South Africa with his wife and 7 children after 3 months at sea in February 1853. If any one wants more information I have plenty on both the South African and Danish branches. Best Wishes, Steve Herbert.

Jan Flemr. Hello there, my name is Jan Flemr - I apologise for the twisted form, but this is how they treat some foreign surnames in my country, that is, the Czech Republic. As far as I know, the surname Flemmer was imported into the country in 1618, when Friedrich of Pfalz succeeded the Czech throne and brought a couple of Flemmers with him - this is what my grandfather found out, or so I am told, when he had to search his family roots to prove to the Germans that he was not a Jew.
I would love to learn more about the origin of the surname - I guess it may be German or Dutch in origin, but my Irish friend once told me the name meant something like "he who brings fire" in the Irish Gaelic. So who knows? I would like to add that the most recent edition of the Prague Yellow Pages records six male Flemrs, four female Flemrs, and one female Flemmr. But I know there are more in the country.
If you feel like mailing me something nice, I would like to ask you my other e-mail address:, which is easier for me to access. I hope that you will find the information about Czech Flemmers/Flemrs useful and that you will forgive the lack of respect to the surname that my ancestors showed as they made it more Czech.
With the most sincere regards to all Flemmers of the world
Jan Flemr
Prague, Czech Republic

Wow, how scary is that? Having to prove your ancestry or go to the deathcamps. Ouch. But I'm sure we are all eager to welcome our Flemr brothers to the family. After all, not everyone transliterates names exactly the same so we must allow for some deviation. Just no Flemings. ;-)

Dan Flemmer. The name Flemmer means "one on fire" or "one aflame". It's origin I do not know. For what it's worth, my name is Dan Flemmer, and I'm the father of Nathan and Jacob who found this site before I did! anyway, I wanted to mention that if you check telephone listings for Germany, you will find some 205 Flemmers in the white pages alone. This suggests to me that it is possible to find two distinct lines, Flemmer and Flammer, one with the original spelling, and one with the modified spelling. Any thoughts? I enjoy the site, and cruise it frequently.

Silke Flemmer. Hi, my name is Silke Flemmer and I live in Munich, Germany. I was born on October 24th 1968 in Altenkirchen/Westerwald and moved to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a famous place for wintersports in the German Alps) when I was 11 years old. I've found your homepage a few days ago and I was enthusiastic about it very much. I didn't know that there are so many Flemmers in the US and that so many of our ancestors emigrated to the Ukraine. I guess most Flemmers in Germany live around Cologne and in the Rhine-area. I know a very famous Dr. Walter Flemmer who is in a very high position in the Bayerischer Rundfunk (a broadcasting company). He's got the same first name as my dad: Walter. My dad died in November 1986. I have one sister, Doris (born in 1952, her surname is Solbach now) and one brother, Herbert (born in 1947). He has four children: Bastian (*1974), Ellen (*1978), Thomas (*1988) and Marcus (*1992). Concerning the origin of the name Flemmer: I've heard about the "flame"-version, but as I know the name comes from "Flamen". The "Flamen" was a ethnic group living in an area called "Flandern". Today this area belongs to Belgium. They were expelled from their home after the Hugenotten-Wars in the 17th century because of their protestant religion. I don't know if this is right, but that's the version I know. I've been in Belgium a few times. The "Flämisch" language and Flandern still exist. Flämisch is the second language in Belgium besides French and it's quite the same as Dutch. Hey, I hope I can get in contact with some of you and therefore here's my (private) e-mail address:

Leslie Flemmer. My name is Leslie Flemmer. I am the daughter of Wilbert Ralph (W.R. or otherwise known as A.K.A.--Bill) Flemmer.

Leo Flemmer. My name is Leo Flemmer from Lehr, N.D. I just got a computer from my kids for Christmas and found this web page. My father, Jacob Flemmer, came to America in 1911 from Gleukstal. His father's name was Johan Flemmer. My son is Ken Flemmer who also has registered on this web site.

Warren Flemmer. Hi. My name is Warren Flemmer. I am from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee where my family and I have lived for almost 24 years. I grew up close to Streeter, North Dakota. My father was Herb Flemmer and my grandfather was Fred Flemmer. Fred and Jacob were brothers, Herb and Leo were cousins, and Ken and I are second cousins. My wife Marietta and I have two children. Scott Flemmer is 26 and Aimee Flemmer is 22.

Janet and Clarence Kessler. My husband's Great grandmother was Elizabeth Flemmer born 31 Aug 1859 in Glueckstal, Russia. Her father was Johannas Flemmer born 24 Jan 1835. She married Michael Voegele in 1881 in Glueckstal, Russia. I have a lot of information on the Flemmers who settled in North Dakota, mainly Mercer and Morton counties. My husband, Clarence Kessler was born and raised in Mercer county, North Dakota.

Guillermo Tomás. Hi, my name is GUILLERMO TOMÁS FLEMMER, I was born on February 23 1948, in Goyena, Buenos Aires Stadt, ARGENTINA, and live in NEUQUEN city, Patagonia ARGENTINA. My father, WILHELM FLEMMER, is born in Duisburg-Meiderich, GERMANY, in 1910, and my grandfather, WILHELM FLEMMER, is born in Widerstein, GERMANY, in the Rhine area, in 1870, and your father, (my Great grandfather) GODOFREDO FLEMMER, lived in GERMANY , in the Rhine area in 1820 years.

I believe Guillermo is the father of Pablo, who is listed further up on the page.

Stacy Flemmer. My name is Stacy Flemmer. I'm 26yrs old and live in Dallas, TX. Another Flemmer co-worker sent this page to me. This is great!!! I grew up in Aberdeen, SD. My father's name is Alvin Junior Flemmer, he was born Feb. 5, 1948. He was the only child of Alvin and Laura Flemmer. My grandfather, Alvin, had two brothers. They are Arnold (Arnie) and Leon. My great grandfather's name is David. My mom says David had many brothers, but couldn't recall the names. The family came over from Russia in the early 1900's and I believe settled in the areas of Java and Akaska, South Dakota. If you're related, or have any information on this family line, please let me know!

Mark Flemmer. My name is Mark Flemmer and I live in Devils Lake ND. My Dad is Ted (Theophil) from Buelah ND. My Grandmother was Rosina Flemmer and lived in Buelah but came from the German Russian area. I am looking for any information on the Flemmer family as I had a falling out with my father years ago and have lost most of the family information. Please Email me at if you have any information you can share with me.

Paul-Heinz and family. we live in germany and at you can see the youngest flemmer on earth. greetings, paul-heinz, ilse, arnd, patricia and ??? flemmer from stoote, germany.

Les. I must say I was suprised to see there is another Leslie Flemmer out there! (I'll bet female though) My Dad is Adolph Flemmer, born in Golden Valley N.D. Nov. 1, 1913 (he'll be 87 tomorrow) and now living in Tulare CA. He has one sister still alive, Tillie Bertsch and she's still living in Lodi CA. I live in Lockeford CA. I highly recommend checking out the Les. I must say I was suprised to see there is another Leslie Flemmer out there! (I'll bet female though) My Dad is Adolph Flemmer, born in Golden Valley N.D. Nov. 1, 1913 (he'll be 87 tomorrow) and now living in Tulare CA. He has one sister still alive, Tillie Bertsch and she's still living in Lodi CA. I live in Lockeford CA. I highly recommend checking out the book put together by Dennis Seher listed above - it covers back to the 1500's. My email is

Ulla. Hello Flemmer's. My name is Ulla Flemmer and I live in Gilleleje, Denmark, a small fishertown north of Copenhagen, Denmark. My Flemmer-family has roots on Funen (in danish: Fyn) and some small islands south of Funen, Langeland and Taasinge. I dont know how the Flemmer-name came into my family, but its connected with an other family-name Rasmussen. The Flemmer-Rasmussen-family was civil servants and opticians in the part of south-Funen and in Odense, which is the largest town on Funen. That's what I know about my Flemmer-family, can anyone add some information to my research? Kindest regards from Ulla

Brian. Hello there. My name is Brian Flemmer. I saw my Uncle Les Flemmer, and cousin Chris Hubner on this site. Thought it was very interesting how many of us there are! My parents are Leon & Percilla Flemmer and I have a brother Chip. Glad to know that Flemmers have a place now on the web.

Katie. Hi. My name is Katie Flemmer and i was really happy when i stumbled across your page..its so strange to see my surname splashed across the computer screen hundreds of times as if its the most common thing in the world..because where I live, my family and I are the only Flemmers in the entire phone book (covering just under 50% of Australia!) I am 23, in my 3rd year of a BSc degree at university and was wondering if you could list my details for any other Flemmers out there in Australia or South Africa who might want to make contact. My father is Punch Keryn Christian Flemmer, son of Rupert Hans Christian Flemmer. thanks for your time

Carola. Carola Roush geb. Flemmer. I came over here from Germany 20 years ago. My father Georg Flemmer is still living. He came from Glueckstal Russia himself 1944. His fathers name was Georg also. He had Jakob, Reinhold, David, Emil, Albert und Marie Flemmer. All have died exept him. His grandfather was Jakob Flemmer. You can reach me at

Ted. My name is Ted Flemmer. My father (Ted) grew up in Beulah, North Dakota and died in December of 1971. He was one of seven (I think) children of Johannes Flemmer. Since the last time I met anyone in the family was over 30 years ago details are a bit fuzzy for me, but I believe he had at least one brother named Edward, one sister named Rose (I think) and another sister, the youngest, named Tilly (I think her married name is Behr) who had at least one son name Davey(?) and a daughter named Vera. I would love to hear from anyone in the community who can put me back in touch with this side of my family.

Les. Hi to all the Flemmers. My name is Leslie Ray Flemmer. I was born in the early 1960s in a little city of medicine hat alta, Canada. I currently reside in Calgary, Alta, Canada. I have 2 boys that will carry on with the Flemmer name. My mother and fathers names were Gladys and Lawrence Flemmer. My grand parents names were Christain and Magdelina Flemmer from Canada. I can't believe all the Leslie Flemmers that are out there. Well I will sign off now have a great day and always be proud that you are a Flemmer. Thx Les Flemmer...

Larry & Deanna. (This came from Deanna) My husband is a Flemmer. His name is Larry Flemmer and we live in Stevensville Montana. His email address is

Carol. I'm only a Flemmer by marriage, but hey that counts too!! Looking for a Jerome Flemmer whose last address was in Indian Wells, Calif and a Patricia Flemmer last known to live in Santa Ana, Calif. Any relatives out there?

Clinton. Hi my name is Clinton Flemmer, I live in Edmonton I also have a book on the flemmer family that goes back to Hannss Flemmer 1530 if you would like any info I can give you ask.

Randy. The name is Randy Flemmer actually Dr. Randy Flemmer as I just finished my doctorate in Educational Technology. My wife's name is Joan. You can see my company site at and has my resume and picture.

Russell. My name is Russell Flemmer. I am 21 years old from South Africa. I arrived in London in January this year. Did a couple of searches on Flemmer... And there we go.. found you. My family is rather big in S.A. My dad is Roger Christian Flemmer. His dad was David Flemmer - Brother Rupert Flemmer. My uncle is Christian John Flemmer. And So on and so on. Let me know if you have any interesting family history.
I do remember as a child going through some family history my cousins had. i do know we are originally from Denmark - vikings I think. could i ask you to confirm if my family crest is really a skull and cross-bones.

Amanda. Hi my name is Amanda Flemmer and I am 16. I live in IL with my parents Pat and Vicki. My dad is one of 4 children. His 3 sisters are Betty, Doris, and Gloria. My grandmothers name is Violet Flemmer. My dad is from Mobridge SD. I have a great uncle Albert and Aunt Bessie who live in Seattle WA. I also have a great aunt Norma and a great aunt Lil. There are still a lot of Flemmers back in SD. It is so great that the Flemmers have their very own page on the web!

Sarah. Hey, my name is Sarah Flemmer... I am 14yrz old and live in Lodi, CA w/ my grandmother (Bonnette Flemmer) and my dad (Thomas Flemmer). Oh, and my brother (Jacob Flemmer). Me and my brother were up searching the web when we decided to go to google... We just got bored and typed in the word "flemmer" just out of the blue. We seen this web page and got really freaked out... Maybe we are all related in some way. Do any of you knO Bonnie Flemmer or Thomas Flemmer? Or maybe Lowell (my uncle from ND?)? i really want to find this out cause it's kinda like freaky!

Vibeke. My name is Vibeke (M.ed) with son Nikolaj Flemmer (26) and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I would like to know more about my name, or others with the same sir name. We are a (there seems to be several) Danish branch of the Flemmers. As far as we can establish our ancestors came to Denmark in the 1600's from the Netherlands.

Bruce. Hello, I've noticed a few relatives on the list (cousins Chris Hubner, Brian Flemmer and uncle Les Flemmer) and thought I would add my name. My Father is Lowell Flemmer and was born in N. Dakota. His Father is Adolph Flemmer son of Wilhelm Flemmer. I live in Lodi, California and my wife Michele (who's lucky to have inherited the Flemmer name) have two sons Blake and Brach to carry on the Flemmer name. I enjoy reading all the stories and hope more Flemmers write in.

Marlys (Flemmer) Binder. Hello, I am the daughter of Henry Flemmer who was raised in Golden Valley, ND with 8 siblings. He was the son of Wilhelm who was German and came to the USA in 1901. I would be happy to share the Flemmer information from our branch of the tree.

Ted. [Ted didn't write anything other than his address, which I don't want to publish on an open web page although he's from Alberta, Canada.]

Ken. Ken wanted me to pass along a note Kenneth (I assume the one mentioned earlier) so here it is:
Are you Leo's son. I tallked to Leo at Lehr on the phone about a year ago. I have been trying to contact him. I have talked to your sister Schumacher and she said to contact you. My Grandmother maden name was Caroline Flemmer Wallace. The emmigrated to America in 1907 to Eureka and then Wishek and then Ashley. My aunt Clara was born in Russian and my dad was born in Eureka. Caroline's father was Philipp Flemmer and mom was Caroline Roessler. I have found they got married 3 May 1870 in Kischinew Russia and first daught Emilie was born 11 Apr 1871. They had a second daughter Louise born in 1874 and Caroline was born July 1876 in Elizabethgrad Russia. I can not find out any further info on Philipp's family. Caroline's mother died in about 1883 when Caroline was 7 and he remarried. They second marriage there were 4 boys which Wilhelm Flemmer was born in about 1885. This Wilhelm Flemmer immegrated to America in 1922 through Ellis Island with his wife Helena and daughters Gertrude and Olga. One was age 10 and the other was 3 in 1922. Do you haave any info on your family. Leo, Jacob and then Johann.............I was wondering if Philipp was Johann's brother? Eileen Wallace Stangeland.............

He left another email address also:
Jana Wirch-Wright. Hi there---I came across your homepage for all things Flemmer - "F-l-e-m-m-e-r" and was I ever happy! This is the part of my extended family where I am stuck.

My family is from Wirch, Dickey Co. North Dakota - my direct lineage is Wirch; however - my G-G-G Grandmother was Barbara Nies(s) (nee: Flemmer). All I know about her is that she married Johann Nies(s) (b. 1844) and they immigrated from Russia to Germany, to NYC and then to Leola, SD in 1885. They were from Glueckstal, South Russia - the present day Urkraine. She died in 1889 in Eureka, South Dakota when my G-G Grandmother Rosina Wirch (nee Nies) was 12 years old. This is cited in the book, "The History of Dickey County". I believe their children were: Jacob b. 4 March 1868, Christina b. 21 Jun 1870 (she dies) , a un-named daughter (possibly my G-G- Grandmother Rosina b. 24 Jun 1872, two still born girls b. 8 Feb 1876 and 28 Feb 1877, Eva b. 1 Nov 1878, Christina b. 26 Feb 1881 & Karolina b 5 Oct 1882. Johann Nies remarried and had more children with a Christina Nies (nee Schuhmacher) I have very sketchy information on the Flemmer in my life, but I am hoping to learn more..... Is there anyone you know who has information?

Anne. Hi!! I´m Anne and I ´m a Flemmer, too! I am from germany; exactly from the ore mountains near the czech border. My grandfather was Czech. Because of world war 2 he must change his name from Flemr to Flemmer. The national socialism in germany hasn´t tolerate that a german (he must accept the german citizens) have a czech name. So we all are Flemmers. In the way, that my father died in 1994 I know to little about the other Flemmers. What a pity!! I`m 20 now.We are a big Flemmer family! and I´m proudly to be a Flemmer / Flemr I hope I can get in contact with some of you and therefore here´s my e-mail adress:

Jerome. My name is Jerome Flemmer, residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Im 30 years old and my roots are in the Eastern Cape , South Africa. Im part of the black/coloured Flemmer clan. Im still not sure if we are decendants of the first Flemmer to walk on African soil (Christian Ludwig Flemmer). Legend has it that one of his sons (Jan) married a native/coloured woman and they had 13 children (true African style)...and I am the grandson of one of his sons (Chrisjan). My father Charles Flemmer died in 1993 and my baby daughter Kiara Flemmer was born on 10 May 2005. Biggups to all the Flemmers around the world

Harry. Hi, My name is Harry Flemmer. I was born in Napoleon, North Dakota to Fred Flemmer. His father was Christian Flemmer. I am now living with my family in College Place, Washington. I would love to hear from other Flemmers. My email address is:

Eugenia. Hello, my name ist Eugenia Flemmer, and I live in Germany, in Berlin, but I come from Russia/Siberia.I am 21 years old. I live in Germany since 1996. I found your Flemmer-page,and now I want, that ypu put me in your Flemmer page please!

MacDonald. My name is MacDonald Flemmer-father of Marcello Flemmer and is residing in East London, South Africa. MacDonald sent a Word document with more information which you can see here.

Daniel. gday flemmer community! i just stumbled over your page by accident. my name is daniel flemmer and i'm living in southern germany. carol, who posted above is my auntie. she emigrated to the us and i just spoke to her last weekend on the phone. and now i read her message on this page... cool! :) unfortunately my grandpa georg (carols dad) died now too, but theres still loads of flemmers in our family left. theres benjamin, georg, richard, roland and reinhold (my dad). and of course quite a few grandchildren of georg, all to carry on the flemmer-fame... thanks for your page, i really enjoyed reading through the postings.

Jake. Hello, My name is Jacob Anderson. My great-grandmother was Frederika Flemmer. Frederika had only one son in the early 1900s before dying of influenza. Jacob Frederick Hettich, was that only son, born during Frederika's brief marriage to Jacob J Hettich. The Hettichs lived in South Dakota (USA), in and around the Tolstoy, Hoven, and Lebanon areas. Jacob F. Hettch was a life-long carpenter before his passing in the 1990s. My Frederika had two brothers that I know of: Jacob Flemmer and Gottlieb Flemmer.

Chip. My name is Chip Flemmer, I am the grandson of Adolph Flemmer and the son of Leon Flemmer. I live in McKinney, Texas with my wife Grace and two children, Ashley and Austin. My brother Brian has posted as well as my uncle Les, cousins Chris and Bruce. Great website keep up the good work.

Lis. Hello to all Flemmers. I am a great granddaughter of Carl Flemmer Rasmussen from Svendborg, Denmark. My grandmothers name was Ella. My 71-year old mothers name is Dora Flemmer Nielsen. I don't know much about my Flemmer family and would like to know more about other family members, especially in connection to Carl Flemmer Rasmussen. I would be very greatful to learn more about The Flemmers. Lis Flemmer, age 50. Vejle

Ken. I have invested a bit of time collecting stories and oral history of my family. It is most interesting. What was life like on the prairies of North Dakota when you were kids in the 20s and 30s. How did you survive the exile to Siberia or Kazakhstan. Some very interesting stories emerge.

My line of Flemmers came from a small village some 50 km E of Bonn, Backenberg. I tracked it down in mid September. From there they tried Poland and 10 years in Hungary before settling in Gluckstal which is now in Moldova. From what I can tell almost every Flemmer in the US and some in Canada come from that family. After 100 years in Gluckstal they started leaving in the first years after 1900. Now it has been 100 years in the US. I feel so fortunate to have learned German at home. Until her death in 99 my mother preferred German when speaking!

My father was Leo, his father Jacob, and his father was Johann married to a Katherina Kessler who came to ND in the spring of 1911 and settled south of Napoleon, ND. Dennis Seher and I have fairly good records going back to the early 1600. Always interested in updating the details in the genealogy and yes, stories. Ken Flemmer

Susan. Hi, I came across you website while trying to do a little family tree search. My name is Susan K. Flemmer (now Heidrich), and I was raised in Rhame, ND. My paternal grandparents (still living) are Bernhardt and Brigetta Flemmer, who farmed north of Beulah, ND for over 50 years. They both are in the nursing home in Beulah, but my grandpa definitely misses the farm. They had three children, my dad Myron is the oldest, born in Oct. of 1941, then my aunt Doris (now a Mutzenberger from Hazen), and my deceased Uncle Melvin, who passed about 5 years ago due to cancer. Our immediate family is pretty small, but I am always interested in hearing from others with similar backgrounds.

Dorothy Rahmoeller. Hello my name is Dorothy (Tesky) Rahmoeller and my paternal grand mother was Barbara Flemmer of Beulah North Dakota her father was Jacob Flemmer and her mother was Fredricka Jacober. She married Karl Tesky and their children were Wilford (my father), David, Jacob, and Ernest who died in infancy. my email is Thank you.

Heidi. Hi my name is Heidi Flemmer and I live in WI. My dad Larry grew up in Pettibone, ND, son of Pete and Leona Flemmer. I know we have some Russian heritage but that is all I know. My dad was one of 2 sons and 5 daughters, and had 3 children. Upon searching my name on I came across a Heidi Flemmer in Fyn, Denmark. I thought that was quite odd, but then I didn’t realize there were that many Flemmers in the world. I also found it quite interesting that there were so many from ND. My email is

Jan Yale. Hello, my name is Jan Yale. My mother was a Flemmer. Her parents were Christian and Hilda (Wagner) Flemmer. My grandparents were both born in McLean or Mercer county in North Dakota and each of their parents were Germans from Russia. I now live in Grand Forks, ND and I know there are hundreds (probably thousands) of Flemmer descendants in North Dakota.

Waldemar. Hallo mein Name ist Waldemar Flemmer ich komme aus Lohne Germany.

Lonnie Axt. Hi there, my name is Lonnie Axt and the son of Ruby Flemmer. My mothers maiden name is Ruby Ruth Flemmer, the daughter of John C. Flemmer who lived in Napoleon, ND. John’s father was Christian Flemmer who migrated to Hosmer, SD in 1908 then to Napoleon, ND in 1911. I’m sure I’m related to someone. My mother is now the only living Flemmer from my grandfather.

Eileen Stangeland. I found out my grandmother Caroline Flemmer Wallace's had a brother b. 1885 married to Helena. they had a brother Phillip Flemmer who move to South America ard 1922 and they had two brothers, Julius and Johann who stayed in Germany. Anyone know the where abouts of the other three brothers.

their father was Johann Philip Flemmer m. Bedda
William b. 1885
Julius b. abt 1887]
Johann abt 1889
Philip abt 1890...........South America

Ted Flemmer. Send an email to the web site a couple of years ago. Just got through the paperwork to get my Dad's records from the Navy (a testament to my patience if nothing else) and imagine my surprise when I found out that I had 2 half sisters and one brother that my mother never mentioned. I am not completely sure she even knew about them. My dad's first wife was Margaret A. (Hageratt) Flemmer, and they had 3 children, Joanne M. Flemmer, Erwin T. Flemmer, and Bevery Kay Flemmer. All were born between 1938 and 1942 (don't want to be too specific due to privacy concerns). If there is anyone who is related to anyone in this list, I would really like to hear from you, as I did not know I had any siblings from dad's first marriage.

Kenneth Flemmer. Just starting to launch a Flemmer Reunion of the decendents of John and Kathreina Kessler Flemmer decendents. This will be in 2012 in North Dakota. The core target group will be the decendents of Karl, Rosina (Stotz), Christina (Laeszle), Christian, John (the sone who did not come to America but stayed in Gluckstal), Louisa (Weere), Fred, and Jacob.

Jacob was my grandfather. Please get this word around to the far edges of the family. I need to hear from any and all who have an interest.

Reinhold Flemmer. Hello, my Name is Reinhold Flemmer i live in Germany my Grandfather was Friedrich Flemmer he was also from Glücksthal Odessa, my father is Georg Flemmer.
I am 20 years old and verry intersted in staying in contact with other Flemmer´s.

Horst Flemmer. I am Horst Flemmer, living in Germany (Rheinland-Pfalz)
best regards

Shaughn Flemmer. My name is Shaughn Flemmer I am 38 and I live in Wisconsin. I have a son named Austin 16 also from WI. There are only a few of us that live around here. I want to get more info on my side of the Flemmers but don't know where to start. I see that my sister (Heidi) had posted some info about our family on here already.

Jim Becker. My father's mother was a Flemmer. Her father (Jakob Flemmer) and her family immigrated to Hebron, ND from Glueckstal, Krem, Russia, in 1905. (Modern day Ukraine). Although listed in Ellis island records as Russians, they were 100% Deutsch. They were hard-working peasant farmers, very religious Lutherans. My grandmother (Rosina nee Flemmer) was a "braucher" (faith-healer). I have always been curious as to where the Flemmers lived while still in Germany. Your site seems to indicate the upper Rhine, but their accent (I teach German) is and was from the Main River in Bavaria. Germans were always very nomadic, and it is difficult to trace the Flemmers back very far in history. I enjoy your site. Thanks! I look forward to learning more from you.

Courtney Patton. my Mother is Lori Flemmer, and my grandfather is Adolph Flemmer. My cousins Bruce, Brian, Chip, Chris and my uncle Les have also posted on this site. While googleing my grandfathers name i found this site and its a blessing to see how large my family is. As time passes I do not want my families legacy to be forgotten, its nice to see the internet can help keep it going.

Brady Flemmer. I am Brady Flemmer I am 14 and living with my family in the U.S in North Dakota but we are originaly from Beulah ND.