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In the spring of 1866, the S.S. England was bound for New York via Queenstown, Ireland from Liverpool, England with 1202 passengers.(Numbers vary) Hundreds died from an outbreak of cholera. The ship was quarantined off McNab's Island near Halifax, Nova Scotia before arriving at New York, where it remained in quarantine. Emigrating from Luxembourg to America on this ship were my great, great, Grandmother Margaret Wenner and her brother Henry.

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S.S. England Time Line

Letter written by passenger (my great, great, grand uncle) Henry Wenner to his parents in 1866 about the voyage

First hand account by Sister Mary Clare Connolly of the Sisters of Charity taking care of the sick

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Stories from people whose families were on the S.S. England

S.S. England Custom Passenger List. I scanned the pages because of hard to read handwriting.

S.S. England Ship Data

How many were on board the S.S. England?

The Conquest of Cholera by J.S. Chambers, MD 1938.
With a list of cholera ships entering the Port of New York 1866

Harper's Weekly. May 12, 1866
With map of New York Bay

Letters to The London Times

Articles from The New York Times

National Steam Navigation Co. ad in the New York Times April 22,1866

S.S. England Captain R.W. Grace

The S.S. England in the Book Luxembourgers In The New World By Nicholas Gonner

My pedigree from me to S.S. England passenger Margaret Wenner (my great, great, grand-mother). And a list of John and Anna Wenner's 11 children.

Ancestors by Andy Miller (my dad)

How are we related? Are you descended from Henry or Margaret Wenner?

Marie Wenner Letter about Henry and Margaret Wenner leaving home

Luxembourg Pictures Wenner Family Home

S.S. Virginia Custom Passenger List Page 1. National Archives Film M237 #265. May 22,1866

A different ship also named England had some bad fortune too

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Sisters of Charity taking care of the sick

HISTORY OF McNAB'S ISLAND Fever and Cholera on the Steamer England

McNabs History: Sections 6-8

Map of McNab's Island

KinShips Has prints of the S.S. England and other ships for sale

Healy Family. Another Family Page of S.S. England Passengers

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild S.S. England 1876

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild S.S. England 1877, 1878, 1888

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What is cholera? Cholera Lecture

1849-1855, 1866-1867: Early Cholera Epidemics in Chicago

Deaths from Cholera in London, Summer 1866

GeneLux. For people researching their Luxembourg ancestry

Luxembourg Genealogy

Reasons Luxembourgers emigrated

The Luxembourgers in America. Emigration through the account and illustration of an emigrant's itinerary from Luxembourg to the United States.

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