Abraham Pennington

aka "Abraham-2"

Son of the Abraham the Progenitor



Abraham Pennington's will, written in Berkeley Co., SC in 1755, names sons Isaac, Jacob and Abraham. The younger Abraham accompanied his father and brothers when they moved from VA to the Enoree River area in SC in the 1750s. Beginning in 1754, the younger Abraham is mentioned with his brothers in accounts of Indian predations upon the settlers of the Enoree region. In 1760, his brother Jacob "built a fort or stockaded house for the use of his family and friends on the Enoree River, about three miles below present day Whitmire" (see article on Penningtons Fort, by Mary Ann Johnson, Old Newberry District Quarterly, Spring 1994, vol. 3, no. 1). In 1761, Abraham and Jacob were investigated on charges of conspiring to defraud settlers seeking the protection of the fort at the height of the hostilities. However, no case was proven against them.

Abraham witnessed his brother Jacob's will, written in Berkeley Co., SC in 1762 but until recently, nothing more was known of him. However, "Pennington Family History", searched by Margaret C. Pennington in 1985, claims this Abraham to be the progenitor of the Thomas Pennington line of Burke and Jefferson Co.'s, GA [info summarized in PP 27-2, p. 18, article submitted by Cdr. Tom Williams]. This book relies heavily on research by "Starr Genealogical Service", PO Box 510906, Salt Lake City, UT, 84151 but has not been independently verified. A possible clue in support of this claim is Abraham's supposed marriage to Mary, daughter of John Anderson. An Anderson family was closely associated witht he family of the elder Abraham whose will was witnessed by Abel, Gabriel and Abram Anderson.

Family of Abraham Pennington of Jefferson County, GA

Here's a genealogy file showing some of Abraham's family. Note again that the information still awaits verification.

Absolom Pennington

There is a research group in the Baton Rouge, LA area (headed by Juanita F. Cline of Port Allen, LA) that claims descent from an Abraham in MS and LA. Their Abraham was alternatively known as Absolom. This group wondered whether Absolom and Abraham-2 were the same person, as described in PP 27-2, pps 33-35. Now, in light of the info in "Pennington Family History" which would indicate that Absolom and Abraham-2 were not the same person, they are investigating the possibility that Absolom was Abraham-2's son [Note to researchers of this line: please CONTACT ME with corrections or updates!].

Ruth Dickey's book on Jacob Pennington of Lawrence County, TN ("The Penningtons of Big Buffalo") mentions an Absolom who may well be connected to Group 8. This Absolom was a neighbor of Leroy Perkins and shared a well with him in Rutherford County, TN. Jacob Pennington's son William, who lived in Lawrence County, married Leroy Perkins daughter Mary in 1817. If Absolom of Rutherford County were kin to the Penningtons of Lawrence County, this might explain why William traveled all the way to Rutherford County to find a wife.