John Pennington

Son of Abraham


John Pennington is named as a son in the 1755 Berkeley County, South Carolina will of Abraham Pennington. He may be the John Pennington whose estate was settled in Montgomery County, TN in 1797 (the exact date is not given). Administrator of the estate was Francis Prince, who lived near the Penningtons in SC and who was father-in-law of the Jacob Pennington who went to Logan County, KY. There are several records showing Abraham's sons Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham acquiring lands in SC through grants between 1750 and 1770 but none for John Pennington. However, it is thought that he remained in SC for at least a time as a John Pennington was issued payment for service in the 3rd SC Regiment, 1780-1781, and for Militia duty in 1782.

"Pennington Family History", compiled by Margaret C. Pennington (unverified) indicates that the will of John, son of Abraham, was probated in Spartanburg County, SC on 16 April 1802. This is not necessarily inconsistent with John dying in TN in 1797, as it is possible he had wills in both places. There is also a John Pennington who appeared to be closely associated with Abraham's grandson Jacob Pennington. More research on John Pennington-son of Abraham, and other John Penningtons, is needed.


To summarize, here are some dates/deeds/etc. which might pertain to John-son of Abraham:

24 Feb 1774: Deed-James Bright conveyed to Reuben Flanagen two parcels on Indian Creek. John Pennington, Levi Casey, Ruth Pennington were witnesses [see "James Stark of Stafford Co., VA...", comp. by Harris and Jorgensen].


1774 (exact date not given): John Pennington and his wife leased land to Charles King [from Coggeshall's "Ancestors and Kin", summarizing info from SC archives].


24 Feb 1779: John Pennington enlists in 3rd SC Regiment, under Capt. Joseph Warley. Re-enlisted 1 Feb 1780.


1797-8: Montgomery Co., TN-inventory of estate of John Pennington, Francis Prince-administrator.