John Pennington

of Caldwell County, Kentucky

Jacob Pennington had at least three children born between his 1762 will and his death around 1774: Ruth, Jacob and Naomi.  To this number, I have added John Pennington who died in Caldwell Co., KY around 1825-6.

The following three points support this inclusion:
1)   John Pennington is frequently associated in SC deed records with Mary Cannon Pennington GRay, Jacob's widow who later married Abraham Gray.  For instance, in 1798 the land Mary lived on was sold at auction for a judgement against Mary as administrix of Abram Gray's estate (Laurens Co. Deed Book G, page 477-479).  John Pennington purchased this land from William Tennent, Sheriff of 96 District.  I suspect John purchased this land to prevent the eviction of his mother.
2)   The John Pennington of Caldwell Co., KY records appears to be the same John as is found in the SC records, as alluded to above.  John's wife was Sally Morse, daughter of Ebenezer Morse.  This is proven by papers associated with a lawsuit in Caldwell Co., KY filed in 1818 by John Pennington against the heirs of Ebenezer Morse on behalf of his own children, listed as heirs of Ebenezer's daughter Sally.  Ebenezer is found in the 1790 Spartanburg Co. census and in many other SC records (as Morse or Moss), several of which link him to John Pennington.  For instance, in 1783 the estate of John Spurgion was administered in the Old 96 District by Ebenezer "Moss" and John Pennington, along with John Spurgion's widow Elizabeth (daughter of Jacob Pennington).  Edward and William Mitchuson were among those who inventoried the estate in Dec. 1783.   Edward Mitchuson  also gave a deposition in the aforementioned Caldwell Co., KY lawsuit filed by John Pennington. Taken together, these and other records show that the John Pennington of Caldwell Co., and the John Pennington associated with Mary GRAY in SC are the same person.
3) The names of John Pennington's children include a Ruth, Naomi, and Jacob, suggesting a link to the earlier Jacob whose children also included a Ruth, Naomi and Jacob.

Most information on the connection between John and Jacob Pennington was brought to my attention by researchers of the Ebenezer Morse line.  Contact information for these researchers will be added to this web page.

More information is presented in the timeline/summary below.


John Pennington-Caldwell Co., KY timeline



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