5th Grade Projects

Mr. Greenwalt's Students Study the Indians

Native American homes were the object of the project. The students were to build a model based on a dwelling of a Native America group. These ranged from the teepees of the Plains to the pueblos of the Southwest.

Project Results

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Student Leaders

Zoom "Katie"

My project is about Pueblo Indianas. The house is called a Pueblo which is Spanish for town.

Zoom "Adrienne"

1. My Indian dwelling is an Iroquios longhouse.
2. The Iroquios lived in the east near that is now New York.
3. The Iroquios method of hunting was herding deer into a "V" shaped enclosure killing them.
4. I made my longhouse out of sticks because thats the kind of stuff the Indians used.

Zoom "Karen"

Many years ago, and sometimes still today, the Indians lived in their TeePee, they made it out of leather and animal skin. They used the skins and leather to wrap up in or for beding. They made their own canoes, and they hunted for food.

They planted corn and made different kinds of food from corn.

Zoom "Janaye"

My project is a MuHi Family Plank House. I used cardboard for the frame, and the glued popcicle sticks to the cardboard. The grass is really moss. It took awhile, but it was very fun. Indians from the Northwest, which is around Washington, live in the Multi Family Plank House.

Zoom "Alex"

National Museum of the American Indian Study Link.


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